Autoreact EV Hummer Reborn with EV in 2020

Hummer Reborn with EV in 2020

Photo1 : Hummer EV

The GMC had to shut down the production of the Hummer series back in 2010 due to the economical instability, increasing of the fuel price and the protest of the Eco lovers due to the pollution from the burning fuel. But after a 10 year silence the GMC able to give life to the Hummer with the latest electrical technology. So this is the new beginning of the Hummer which is reborn with EV. Believe the unbelievable with EV.

Photo 2: Hummer EV Front

This hummer is a full electric pick up. It can run 500 Km at one full charge. Also it is able to reach the 100km/h with 3 seconds and it has 1000 hp operates with 3 electric motors. The GMC engineers included the largest ultium battery battery pack ever fixed in a vehicle. It is enable to run 160 km per 10 minutes charge due to the fast charging of the battery.

Photo 3: Hummer EV Battery

This battery is unlike our conventional 24V battery, because this battery gives 800V power to the Hummer. The Hummer Engineers have design this battery with 24 modules and placed it bottom place of the chassis to improve the stability of the vehicle due to the center of gravity is at the lowest point of the Hummer. Also these 24 modules has been interconnected without using wires. The launch controller is able the vehicle to get a instant acceleration. The GMC is introducing this as watch to freedom.

Photo 4: Huumer EV Front

Hummer has the great road presence since the old versions. So this new Hummer EV is 2.2 m wide pickup. So it has three wipers in the fron windshield. Can you imagine the appearance in this new look at the roads? The light bar across the front is adding more attraction to the vehicle. It includes with six lights named HUMMER in each light and this light bar is turning to blue color when it is charging.

Photo 5: Hummer EV Charging

This is able to identify from far away that the status of the charging. I think this is a very helpful feature of this EV. The Hummer EV has an unique design. It also coming with towing two handles and it makes the vehicle’s look more tough. Also you can see the GMC batch above the skid plate.

Photo 6: Hummer EV Bonnet Space

This vehicle has lot of spaces Due to its size and also not having an engine. This hummer is design is allow the users to remove the roof of the vehicle by four parts and they have designed a place to store those hoods in the bonnet. Also the designers have embedded the Hummer logo secretly into several places like in the bonnet, head lights, tail lights and the steering wheel. The designers tried to feature the H letter in those areas.

Due to the high wide of this vehicle the it included with three wipers in the front windscreen. Also the manufacturers embedded the american flag in the C pillar to show the origin of the vehicle.

Photo 8: Foot of Neil Armstrong’s on the Moon

Beginning of the human kind they had a unstoppable target to which become to a race to go to the moon. Eventually the people able to achieve the target and land on the moon. The GMC gave numerous support to this mission by collaborating with NASA to be succeed. So the GMC added surface of moon with the foot of the Neil Armstrong to memorize the GMC collaboration and to define the Hummer as hard use off road vehicle. These are used on Speakers and center console. Also they have embedded the large scale of the Neil Armstrong’s foot as the left foot rest. The Hummer includes so many attractive features like this. The Hummer is vary spacious due to its large scale with 42″ head room and 45″ leg room. There are many spaces to store luggage. The infotainment system is included with 13.4″ large screen and the meter panel is 12.3″. The Unreal Engine game developing system is used to animate the visuals in the meter panel. There are so many cool features included to this meter panel. It also support with apple car play, android auto and WiFi hotpots. The 18 cameras are able to cover large area which included to this Hummer and they have the facility to auto clean when the cameras get dirty. It also includes with many safety features. This vehicle have the ability to warn when the drivers attention is not with the road by using a camera included in the highend of the steering wheel.

This trunk is 5ft long and it comes with electrically powered cover and a multi pro tail gate. This tale gate can open by remote and can use 6 different ways. Also the tale gate included with 100 W water proof stereo system. This EV has no different other than the competitive off road vehicles. only limitation of this vehicle is that can only go 2ft depth of the water due to electric vehicle. This hummer included with several special features. Ability of increasing height up to 6 inches, ability to remove air in the tires automatically and the crab walk. The crab walk is able to angle of 10 inner or out. This feature can only be enable when going slow.

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Photo 10: Hummer Crab Walk

Hummer is also included with limited self driving option. The GMC is announced this as super cruise. It is able to switched the tracks by identifying the barriers in front and turning on signal lights. It also included with pedestrian safety features too. This super cab will start its sales in 2022. But they got orders for all expected production within short period. No wonder why people such a interest in this vehicle. Looking forward to see in the market before 2022.

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